here is the first of the dead. within 24hours thid =s one went....i am sorry I never knew you

the second to die was veery little struggled for so long, at least a month, i tried but she/he/iot was always in the shell, would not come out.....many days have past this littlist one is dead.


here time has passed. Yet another job, another ine bites the dust (speaking in H-crab terms) of course its all more then the origional (what?) ***** tome time time . while I waited another life was on the line. good bye goddbye. oops, I spilled my drink.


.Seth _ newsflash! we are down to one hermie (the origional). I disposed of the little one. Sorry, Mom/

Actually the last is dead, it'ds been months. this is the death certificate. that's the end. Have you seen this before? congratulations. I am sorry for you.