Intent: The positioning of all known locations in the proper sequence insuring maximum resonance over that particular spectrum. The addition of these same locations mapped over different dimensions creating a multi-phased resonance encapsulating all known spectrums.


The discovery/invention and subsequent reengineering of locations on each level of spectrum takes place as a natural occurrence using the tools available yet reflecting particular attributes of locations at different levels of spectrum (dimensions of resonance).


Due to the nature of the target level (Psychic Plane) this phenomenon of mirroring locales becomes the only feasible way of accurately predicting the proper sequence of locations at any particular time or state.


Although the locations of the target level are in constant flux, the physical representation of this phenomena are sufficient toward a linkage between levels, causing a ground or 'snap\shot' representing the mechanism at the time of the assemblage of the physical vessel, this resulting in an overall picture consisting of all elements that were present for the time of the construction (this often taking months to years).


The integration of the arithmetic spectrum decreases this time discrepancy considerably, enabling a clearer understanding of specific locations within a narrower frame of reference. The data gathered through the mirror process at the arithmetic level while far from efficient at this time, shows remarkable potential toward increasing the overall resonance of the locations at spectrum.